NEWS10 May 2017

Nielsen launches analytics suite

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UK – Nielsen has released a suite of analytics tools, Everyday Analytics, in the UK and a number of other European countries.

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The inital offering to launch within the suite is aimed at FMCG manufacturers and is intended to reduce the time, cost and resource demands of traditional analytics, making ‘sophisticated analytics more accessible for everyday decisions across all FMCG growth drivers, including price and promotion, advertising and innovation'.

Nielsen Everyday Analytics uses the same models as custom analytics, but in a self-service fashion. It is currently available in the UK, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain and is intended to make analytics more accessible for smaller brands and markets that previously had limited access.

“Our clients have always valued advanced analytics to guide their annual strategic planning, but scaling these analytics to the level of everyday decision making has been a challenge,”said Jeanne Danubio, Nielsen’s head of marketing and sales effectiveness for lead markets.

“Through our more scalable models and easier-to-use tools, it’s now possible for clients to give more of their people access to high-calibre analytics for their everyday decisions. As a result, they can be more nimble and more adaptive to changing market conditions with the benefit of fact-based decision-making whenever and wherever they need it.”