NEWS7 June 2010

Nielsen gets two-year extension to TAM Ireland contract

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IRELAND— Nielsen has secured a two-year extension to its contract to provide television audience measurement services to TAM Ireland, the country’s TV ratings body.

The contract now lasts until August 2017, having originally been set to run for five years from September 2010.

Nielsen has been tasked with boosting the size of the TAM Ireland ratings panel from 670 homes to 800 by the time the contract starts, with a further 250 homes to be added in the following two years.

The first expansion target has already been reached, said Tim Farmer, who leads Nielsen’s TV audience measurement business in Ireland.

He added: “The new service will also involve the inclusion of time-shifted viewing data for the first time.”


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12 years ago

hi i worked with Amarach for 5 years doing the tam ratings and i very much enjoyed doing it can you please tell me the name of the new company that has the cotract now as i would like to do it again Sinserly Yours Marian Kelly

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