NEWS17 December 2009

Nielsen changes stance on ‘live’ TV metric

North America Technology

US— Nielsen has told clients that it will be keeping the ‘live only’ TV metric as currency in local markets after coming under pressure from customers.

The firm said that there had been a “significant amount of controversy among our local client base” following its decision to replace the ‘live” metric as currency with the new ‘live plus same day’ data, which includes shows recorded on DVRs and watched the same day as they were broadcast.

As a result, the live metric will still be available during the first quarter of 2010 to help create “the smoothest possible transition” to live plus same day metric.

Nielsen was was accused of treating local broadcast media buyers with “total disregard” by the American Association of Advertising Agencies when it announced that the new metric would be used as currency in local markets. The AAAA said that Nielsen had “inserted itself into the buy/sell process”, which the firm was quick to deny.

The ratings giant also said that it would remain in discussions with firms about creating “a set of data streams that will be best suited to conduct business”.