NEWS19 January 2010

Nielsen backs postgraduate MR course in India

Asia Pacific Features

INDIA— Nielsen and the Northpoint Centre of Learning business school have joined forces to launch a fast-track postgraduate course in market research.

In a statement announcing the launch, the two companies said that the market research industry in India was forecast to employ 25,000 “highly trained professionals” by 2011, and the introduction of the course would help meet the needs of the industry there. Participants will study for a postgraduate certificate in market research.

The course lasts for 11 months and will combine theory sessions with internships and project work at Nielsen. Once students have completed the course they will be given the opportunity of taking on a placement position at one of Nielsen’s businesses in Asia Pacific, India, the Middle East or Africa.

Partha Rakshit, Nielsen’s managing director for South Asia, said: “This course will fulfil a big need in the market research industry. While MBA courses impart a basic knowledge of marketing research, this programme will bring in the rigour of specialised training in marketing research. On completion of this course, the student will be productive from day one.”

The first batch of students will begin their course at the Northpoint campus in Khandala in June this year.

Northpoint chairman Prem Mehta said: “All training at Northpoint includes substantial involvement from the industry, to add a contemporary practical dimension to existing theory. This stems from Northpoint’s belief that theory is the documentation of past experience and knowledge starts where theory ends.”