NEWS22 October 2013

Nielsen and Experian to beta test ‘enhancements’ to online campaign ratings

Data analytics North America

US — Nielsen has reached an agreement with Experian Marketing Services, tapping the latter’s consumer classification data to add more demographic detail to the reports it produces for Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) customers.

Where OCR currently reports on the basis of age, gender and designated market area, Nielsen said the tie-up with Experian would allow it “to explore extending the solution to report campaign audience by additional demographic and lifestyle segments, such as estimated household income range, family size and education level”.

The companies are slated to begin beta testing these potential enhancements in the autumn, with release anticipated in 2014. The collaboration also paves the way for additional demographic data to be integrated into Nielsen Digital Program Ratings, which measures online content, and Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings, which measures the individual and combined reach of ad campaigns on TV and online.

“Clients will be able buy, sell and validate campaigns against a richer and broader demographic set than ever before, thanks to their unparallelled insight into consumer offline attributes,” said Megan Clarken, Nielsen EVP and global product leader.