NEWS15 November 2018

Nielsen Advanced Audience launches

Media News North America

US – Nielsen has released a suite of tools for audience-based buying across linear and digital TV.

Nielsen said its Advanced Audience suite addresses the challenges that media buyers and owners face when negotiating advanced audience deals such as accurate audience forecasts, methodology standardisation and audience delivery.

The company also announced that its Advanced Audience Posting Solution was commercially available, following the market release of the Advanced Audience Forecasting Solution and Enterprise Audience API earlier in the year.

Created in collaboration with clypd, this web-based interface gives on-demand measurement that media buyers, sellers and ad platforms can use when they plan linear TV buys on advanced audiences.

Kelly Abcarian, senior vice-president of product leadership at Nielsen, said: "While age and gender remain key to the buying and selling of linear TV campaigns, the TV ecosystem is evolving, creating the need to mirror what is done in digital with more granular and targetable data.

"Our suite of Advanced Audience solutions provide media buyers and sellers with an end-to-end offering that supports the evolution of how media is bought and sold using data that goes beyond the standard demographics."