NEWS9 June 2023

Nexxt Intelligence launches new version of research API

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CANADA – Research technology business Nexxt Intelligence has launched a new version of its application programming interface (API) for survey platforms to carry out AI-based probing of open-ended responses.

Inca screen grab nexxt intelligence_cropid-2691582

Earlier this year, Toronto-based Nexxt Intelligence launched AI-based survey platform, ‘inca’. 

Through the service, ‘inca SmartProbe API’, survey platforms can integrate the platform’s conversational AI technology.

In the new version, the API-based survey has been enhanced to cover 20 languages. 

Furthermore, it will now allow the user to enter information about the question objectives to “fine-tune the probing relevance” while also offering an evaluation of the quality and relevance of each open-ended response.

Phil Sutcliffe, managing partner, said: “We’re delighted to add these new customizable capabilities to inca SmartProbe. They lead to much deeper insight from quantitative research so there is no longer an excuse for poor quality open-ended responses from surveys."