NEWS27 February 2017

New tool integrates data from multiple applications

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US – A new software tool from Go2Group promises to bring together insight and analytics data from numerous other platforms.

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ConnectAll Insights accesses multiple systems’ APIs to gather data, standardise it and make it available to all. The idea is to take away the burden and confusion of using a variety of tools and data sources.

The system synchronises data automatically so each user has the most up-to-date information. People can either choose to continue working with their existing tools, or access unified data through the new system.

Go2Group specialises in software for integrating data from other platforms, with its existing ConnectAll tool focusing on application lifecycle management.

“Getting immediate access to data is critical for agile organisations,” said Doug Bass, chief architect of the new system. “ConnectAll Insights will help our customers implement more data-driven management practices.”