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NEWS23 April 2009

New agency measures what matters to consumers

First offering from Conversition invites opinions on brands, products and services

US-- If social media no longer existed, would it matter? For former Ipsos executives Jean Davis and Tessie Ting the answer is a resounding ‘yes'.

The pair have built their new agency Conversition around collecting and analysing data from within the social media space in a way that “complements traditional research methodologies”.

“We see the internet as one giant focus group just waiting to be listened to,” say Davis and Ting, respectively the former president of Ipsos Online North America and vice president of Ipsos Interactive Services.

Their first offering is, a website that allows users to ask the question we asked in our opening paragraph for any brand, product or service – that is, ‘If ( something ) no longer existed, would it matter?'.

MatterMeter adds up all the yes/no responses and rates the subject's popularity on a scale of 100, but voters can also add short comments to explain why they voted the way they did. Others users can then vote for their favourite comments, add their own replies or choose to follow contributors who share the same likes and dislikes.

But Davis and Ting are keen to stress the website is just the beginning. “MatterMeter will serve to seed the main science engine called EvoListen, currently under development and primed for launch in late summer 2009,” they say.

Author: Brian Tarran