NEWS16 December 2011

NetCen wins spot on housing survey consortium

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UK— NatCen Social Research has been given a role in the new English Housing Survey by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The two-stage survey, which explores the quality of housing in England and consists of interviews and physical surveys of homes, will be carried out by NatCen, Building Research Establishment, MMBL and statistician Susan Purdon.

NatCen will be responsible for methodical expertise and overall project management. It is the first time that the different elements of the survey have been awarded in a single contract and the results will be used to inform the development and monitoring of DCLG’s housing policies.

Penny Young (pictured), NatCen CEO, said: “The quality of the nation’s housing underpins so much that is important to the lives of the public. And we see the English Housing Survey as a great opportunity to contribute to better lives through great research.”