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NatCen to meet rioters for government research

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UK— The Cabinet Office has commissioned the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) to run discussion groups with young people who took part in the riots that affected parts of London and other English cities.

The government wants to understand what triggered young people’s involvement in the unrest which lasted several nights in early August.

In-depth interviews and discussion groups will be held in Tottenham, Peckham and Clapham in London as well as in Salford and Birmingham, featuring people who were involved in and affected by the riots. Groups will also be held with young people in two areas of the country that did not see outbreaks of violence and with community leaders, business owners, residents and parents.

NatCen says all young people taking part will do so “in complete confidence and anonymity”. The firm is due to report back in October.


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13 years ago

More Government-funded navel-gazing! It transpires that the vast majority of those who 'rioted' already have a criminal record. Their motivation was obvious; they thought that the police couldn't possibly catch them all (true at the time) so they indulged in criminal behaviour which ordinarily they would like to do, but which would carry a very high risk of them being caught. They conducted a bit of mental conjoint analysis and decided that the risk no longer outweighed the benefits. Seriously, it is a sad fact (and an indictment of many years of liberal experimentation with our schools and social policy) that unfortunatel many of those who rioted are probably beyond the help of the state. The causes of their behaviour last month are complex, but are not difficult to discern: a lack of parental support, poor schooling, low aspiration and few opportunities to progress in life. The Government should be focussing its resources on the next generation of young people where appropriate policies and intervention might have an effect. So much for education, education, education.

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