NEWS21 June 2021

NatCen opens deliberative research centre

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UK – The National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) has established the Centre for Deliberative Research, led by Ceri Davies.

Ceri Davies

The centre, launching on Wednesday 23rd June, will bring together expertise in participatory research methods and public engagement across policy areas.

It will focus on research that uncovers attitudes after participants have been given evidence and an opportunity to discuss the issues from different perspectives, and research projects that allow the public to be involved in policy development.

The move follows NatCen’s first online deliberative poll in 2019, and a second in 2020, to explore post-Brexit policy with members of the public via videoconferencing.

Guy Goodwin, chief executive, NatCen, said: “The centre will position NatCen as a leader in public engagement and participatory research, continuing NatCen’s innovative work in this area and providing crucial insight into policy problems that are contested, complex or uncertain.”

Ceri Davies, director of the NatCen Centre for Deliberative Research (pictured), said: “I am delighted to lead this new centre, which will drive further methodological developments and deliver online and offline research that can shape democratic and social change.”