NEWS5 March 2013

Mu Sigma makes internal analytics software available to customers

North America Technology

US — Global analytics firm Mu Sigma has launched its first analytics software product, muPDNA – fresh off the back of an investment by Mastercard Advisors.

Mu Sigma says muPDNA was originally created for internal use. Staff use the software to help them define, represent and encode intelligence about the business problems faced by clients, before applying data and analytics to address the issues.

“Einstein famously said, ‘If I had one hour to save the world, I’d spend the first 55 minutes defining the problem’. MuPDNA is all about framing and representing the problem,” says CEO Dhiraj Rajaram.

Rajaram gives the example of a retail chain that’s experiencing slowing sales in a region. They may feel that a new competitor’s presence is affecting footfall and respond with only that factor in mind, but muPDNA can be used to “nudge and guide” the client through the process of considering other potential factors, to ensure that every possible angle is considered.