NEWS22 January 2021

MRS updates inclusion pledge

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UK – The Market Research Society has updated its CEO pledge on diversity and inclusion in consultation with Colour of Research (CORe).

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The changes include replacing the term ‘BAME’ with ‘ethnic minority’ and advising organisations to aim for diversity indicators based on the makeup of their surrounding area, rather than the country overall.

CORe has endorsed the updated pledge, which has been shared with the 27 organisations that have already signed it.

Launched in 2018, the pledge asks companies to make several commitments, including publishing publish pay statistics annually.

Walnut Unlimited, 7th Sense and Lucid have become the first companies to sign the updated pledge.

Jane Frost, chief executive, MRS, said: “Effective change is best achieved when it is driven by those it impacts and that’s why we consider the Colour of Research Group’s advice on and endorsement of the pledge, so very important. Improving representation and diversity in the research sector is a key aim for MRS, and I’m pleased that the CEOs of Walnut Unlimited, 7th Sense and Lucid have joined the growing community of companies to have signed up.”

Theo Francis, founder of GuineaPig Fieldwork and co-founder of Colour of Research (CORe), said: “While these may look like small adjustments, in practice we believe these changes will help create a mindset shift in our understanding and commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we are thrilled that MRS has taken our guidance on these points and put them into action.”