NEWS29 October 2019

MRS accredits Formula 1 and M&S

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UK – The Market Research Society has accredited Formula 1 and Marks & Spencer as MRS Company Partners, extending its work to promote ethics and regulate standards in research, insight, marketing science and data analytics.


MRS Accreditation is the mark of research, insight and data excellence and represents an agreement by Formula 1 and Marks & Spencer to uphold the standards of ethical data collection laid out in both the MRS Code of Conduct and the MRS Quality Commitment.  

Jane Frost, CEO of MRS, said: “The MRS plays a vital role in safeguarding the public and maintaining trust in research, insight and data practices. By taking the necessary steps to adhere to the Code of Conduct standards and making a commitment to quality research, Formula 1 and Marks & Spencer will be able to build reputations as trusted organisations and leading providers of insight.”

Hayley Ward, head of customer experience, data and digital at Marks & Spencer, said: “MRS membership helps the teams at M&S develop personally and professionally, building networks and skills that enable better research with sharper actionable insight.”

Matt Roberts, Global Research Director at Formula One added: “One of our brand statements is to put Formula 1 fans first and research is feeding into how we are driving the sport forward. MRS accreditation gives the research we do credibility and demonstrates its quality while helping our team build capacity and capability through training and conferences.”