NEWS19 September 2011

MRIA responds to Ipsos Reid attack on Canadian press

Features North America

CANADA— The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) has responded to the open letter sent to the press by Ipsos Reid leaders, which urged journalists to take greater care when choosing which polls to publish in the run-up to regional elections in Ontario.

The Canadian MR association says it agrees with John Wright and Darrel Bricker’s opinion that “all polls are not created equally” and advised that “one key factor” to help differentiate between reputable polls and others is to check whether the pollster is part of a self-regulatory body.

MRIA, whose president is Kimberlee Niziol Jonas (pictured), says it has worked with journalists to improve the reporting of polls, including helping to update the Canadian Press stylebook, and producing a list of questions for journalists to ask pollsters.

The association said it “encourages debate” about the use of new and emerging survey methodologies, which Wright and Bricker called for journalists to “place a moratorium” on until they had been proven.

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