NEWS12 February 2013

MRBI founder Jack Jones dies aged 91

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IRELAND — Jack Jones, the founder of the Market Research Bureau of Ireland (MRBI), has died at the age of 91.

Jones founded MRBI in 1962, following a stint working for Nielsen. Its early years were focused solely on market research but the company moved into political opinion polling in the 1970s.

Its polls are still regularly published in the Irish Times, although the company now trades as Ipsos MRBI.

Jones sold the company to TNS in 1996 but it was bought by Ipsos in 2009 after the European Commission ordered its sale on competition grounds following WPP’s purchase of TNS.



11 years ago

I only learnt today about Jack's passing. Naturally I am saddened and am sorry that I missed his funeral. He was a lovely man and I have many fond memories of my time with him at MRBI. I will always remember his famous quote "In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King" RIP Jack

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10 years ago

Me too. So sorry to hear of Jacks passing and missing his funeral. Had him for lectures at night when I was studying for a Marketing diploma at the College of Commerce in Rathmine . Another part time lecturer on the course that time was Justice Peter Kelly who lectured us in Contract andAagency law. Jack.was far ahead of the times. Lovely easy going personsality.God rest him.

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10 years ago

Only learned from internet of Jacks leath.Had him for lectures when studying at night for Marketing diploma at College of Commerce Rathmines in the 70's. Justice Peter Kelly was also lecturing on law there at thr same time.Jack was very witty anf way ahead of his time.A lovely nsn God rest his soul.Rip

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