NEWS8 January 2010

MR to help curries spice up healthy eating credentials

New business UK

UK— DJS Research has been commissioned by the East Midlands Beacon Partnership Project to look into ways to make Indian takeaway food more healthy.

The firm will carry out more than 50 qual and quant interviews with takeaway restaurants in Lincolnshire to discuss ideas for healthier menus with the chefs and owners. The healthier recipe ideas have been produced by NHS Lincolnshire, one of the organisations backing the research.

DJS will also carry out a series of face-to-face interviews with curry consumers to see how aware they are about unhealthy takeaway food and gauge feedback on the idea of healthier curries.

Once the initial interviews have been completed, some chefs and owners will take part in a series of follow-up interviews to discuss the findings.

The project is called Eat In, Eat Out, Eat Healthy and is backed by organisations including the National Social Marketing Centre, the Department of Health, the East Midlands Public Health Observatory, the Food Standards Agency East Midlands and East Lincolnshire County Council.