NEWS1 March 2012

MR associations form global network

Europe Features

UK— The European Federation of Associations of Market Research Organisations (Efamro) has come together with the Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) and the Americas Research Industry Alliance (Aria) to create the Global Research Business Network (GRBN).

GRBN will be co-directed by Peter Harris of APRC, Efamro’s Barry Ryan and Alex Garnica of Aria.

It’s mission statement is to provide national associations and their members with shared development opportunities like conferences, leadership seminars and networking opportunities. It will also compile and publish common research guidelines and standards to promote and protect the profession in all countries that are represented by members.

In total, the new network takes in 25 national associations and more than 2,500 research businesses with a collective $24.6bn in annual revenues.

Efamro president Stig Holmer (pictured) said: “The business of research is facing risks on a number of fronts. Research organisations and their national associations should not have to face these difficulties alone. The Global Research Business Network will be an international community of research businesses and their leaders dedicated to the best interests of our sector.”

The inaugural meeting of the new association will be held at the MRS Annual Conference in the UK later this month.