NEWS19 June 2020

More needs to be done to increase AI adoption, CDEI says

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UK – The UK has only just begun to scratch the surface of the potential of artificial intelligence, according to the AI Barometer published by the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI).

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The report analysed the opportunities, risks and governance associated with AI in five sectors based on the views of 120 people across industry, academia, civil society and government.

It found that even those sectors that are mature in their adoption of AI, such as the finance and insurance industry, have yet to maximise AI and data’s benefits.

A number of risks were commonly cited across sectors, including the risks of algorithmic bias, a lack of ability to explain algorithmic decision-making, and the failure to seek meaningful consent from people to collect, use and share their data.

Barriers to AI’s take-up included low data quality and availability, a lack of coordinated policy and practice, and a lack of transparency around AI and data use, all of which could increase public distrust of the technology.