NEWS25 April 2017

Mopinion adds visual feedback to analytics

Europe News

THE NETHERLANDS – Feedback analytics company Mopinion has added capturing and analysing visual feedback to its service.

The company said the new feature would give online customer feedback more context as well as helping to improve overall website usability. Visual feedback enables website visitors to pinpoint specific page elements (including forms, images, buttons or paragraphs) and provide feedback on those elements.

Kees Wolters, co-founder and managing partner at Mopinion said: “With the increasing demand among our customer base as well as the increase in popularity of annotation and screen capturing tools, the decision to develop this feature was an easy one to make. Not to mention after researching competitors in this area, we quickly noticed that these tools often fall short in terms of both context and analysis.”

The feedback feature allows users can collect feedback in three different ways: by submitting a screen-shot as a standalone question element; submitting a screen-shot via question routing; and adding a camera icon at the footer of every form page.

Once feedback has been collected, Mopinion’s reporting dashboards allow users to compare visual feedback with other data (such as scores and browser types).