NEWS25 March 2011

MobileSquared unveils mobile internet database


UK— Specialist research agency MobileSquared has launched a database that provides data and forecasts on consumer usage habits relating to the mobile internet.

The Mobile Consumer Trends database provides an 18-month rolling forecast identifying the number of mobile consumers in the US and UK. Users can search by device type, gender, age, geography and socio-economics, as well as ethnicity in the US.

Data will be updated every quarter. The firm said that the database currently contains more than 1.4m separate data points covering the US and UK, with almost 90,000 new data points added each quarter.

MobileSquared’s chief markets analyst Gavin Patterson said: “There is a lack of forward-looking data when it comes to mobile consumers, which means companies looking to develop a mobile strategy have had to use old, or historical information which can often be redundant given the fast-changing mobile space and the whimsy of consumers.”