NEWS11 March 2013

Mobile shifts methodology at Populus


UK — Populus has updated its telephone survey methodology to reflect the growth in mobile-only households.

The research and consulting firm has changed its weekly telephone omnibus so it now surveys half of respondents on mobiles and half on landline in order to deliver 150 interviews with mobile-only households from a starting sample of 1,000. This figure is then weighted to the known incidence of mobile-only households in the UK – around 15%, according to the latest data from Ofcom.

Chris Menzies, head of omnibus at Populus, said: “The 50%-landline, 50%-mobile approach allows us to contact mobile-only households but also delivers significant improvements in hard-to-reach quotas, for example 18-24s.

“It’s an important methodological change for Populus and comes after a rigorous period of testing, both internally and with our clients.”