NEWS2 April 2015

Mobile convenient but big screen preferred

News North America

US — Traditional boundaries between devices and formats are becoming blurred as people use 24/7 connectivity to access content according to a global survey from Nielsen.


More than three quarters ( 76%) of respondents in a Nielsen online survey of digital attitudes and behaviours said they enjoy the freedom of being connected anywhere, anytime.

Over half of the respondents ( 55%) said video programmes are an important part of their lives although the way audiences watch video is shifting.

The majority ( 63%) think bigger is better in terms of screen size. But 59% also think watching video programming on their mobile device is convenient, and more than half ( 53%) say a tablet is just as good as a PC or laptop computer for watching programming.

Respondents in Asia-Pacific ( 72%) lead all regions in their appreciation for the convenience of mobile viewing, while Middle East/Africa ( 70%) edged out their global counterparts in a “bigger is better” viewing belief.

Megan Clarken, executive vice-president, Nielsen Global Watch Product Leadership said: “It has never been more important to understand consumer behaviour than in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment. Choice creates not only complexity, but also opportunity. The media industry must embrace the changing landscape and adapt their strategies to fit with this new reality, offering engaging and relevant content that is easily accessible across devices and channels.”