NEWS8 February 2010

Mobclix deal mobilises Nielsen’s Prizm segmentation

New business North America

US— Nielsen’s Prizm has found itself another partner – the segmentation system is to be integrated into the Mobclix mobile ad exchange for buying and selling mobile advertising inventory.

Mobclix has signed an agreement with Nielsen to resell both the Prizm and ConneXions segmentation to mobile ad networks and publishers to aid audience targeting efforts.

Prizm groups American consumers based on demographics, lifestyles, shopping patterns and media preferences while ConneXions is typically used by technology manufacturers to help determine a household’s willingness to adopt new consumer technologies.

Nielsen senior vice president Mark Nelson said: “As mobile advertising continues to grow and mature, we are pleased to bring a new level of sophistication to the mobile industry’s ability to define and reach audiences.”

The Mobclix deal for Prizm follows tie-ups last year with online data firm DataLogix and Google’s TV Ads service.