NEWS10 November 2017

MMS and GfK launch Total Video in Sweden

Europe Media News

SWEDEN – TV measurement company MMS (Mediamätning i Skandinavien) and GfK have extended their digital ad ratings service into Total Video so it can measure the return-on-investment of video advertising cross-platform.

It will cover linear TV, smart TV, PC, smartphone and tablet devices with daily data delivered via MMS’s ad analytics dashboard. The extended service combines TV into this platform, making TV and online comparable.

GfK integrates all the datasets from MMS, which includes panel, profile and census level datasets from multiple vendors, through its audience modeling platform, AAM.

Magnus Anshelm, CEO of MMS, said, “Integrating TV and online video to a Total Video measurements has been a key milestone and adds significant value for the Swedish market. Our next step, with the support of GfK, is to launch the Content Ratings part of our Total Video service. This will enable the Swedish market for cross-platform media planning, and activate the full premium video inventory of our broadcasters and publishers.”