NEWS23 April 2014

MMR adds Impackt pack test to ZappiStore

Technology UK

UK — ZappiStore has added another research app to its line-up, through a partnership with MMR Research Worldwide.


The Impackt Lite pack test follows the same model as other apps on the store (including eStatic from Millward Brown and ConversionModel Express from TNS), in that it is an automated, self-service version of MMR’s original Impackt product.

Users are asked to upload the packaging designs to be tested, after which they can customise an in-built questionnaire before choosing the sample size and definition. The research is then fielded and managed through an automated process, before results are delivered.

MMR’s global MD Mat Lintern said the launch of Impackt Lite was “a response to particular client situations where budgets are tight and timelines short”.