NEWS16 April 2018

MinerEye launches AI data tracker

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US – Data tech company MinerEye has released an AI-powered governance and data protection tool, MinerEye Data Tracker.

The company said the tracker would help companies continuously identify, organise, track and protect information assets, including undermanaged, unstructured and dark data.

Using AI, and a small number of exemplar files, MinerEye learns, detects and categorises unspecified types of information – for example, it can detect and group sensitive contracts, customer complaints, log files, corporate videos, or legacy employee information.

It claims this can reduce data storage costs, fast-track cloud migration, continuously protect against security breaches and ensure regulatory compliance such as for GDPR.

MinerEye CEO and co-founder Yaniv Avidan said: "Companies cannot protect, manage or use information they can't find. Using our Interpretive AITM, MinerEye fuses computer vision and machine learning to track information at the byte and pixel level, which no other solution has achieved."