NEWS23 April 2014

Mindshare taps weather data for targeted advertising

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US — Media buyer Mindshare is to source real-time weather data from The Weather Channel’s parent company to help inform its media purchases.


Data from The Weather Company’s WeatherFX platform will be fed into Mindshare’s operating system, called The Loop.

“There is a clear correlation between weather and purchase decisions in many categories,” said Bob Ivins, Mindshare North America’s chief data officer. “Every day, people make a myriad of choices based on current and forecasted weather conditions, from what type of food or drink to consume, where to shop, to planning vacations.”

With weather data in The Loop, Mindshare said it will be able to shift relevant media “to the right person in the moment it will resonate most”.

“This gives us and our clients a clear edge in real-time paid media,” said Ivins.