NEWS18 October 2021

MindMover rebrands to QuMind

News UK

UK – Consumer insights and consulting agency MindMover has changed its name to QuMind, the name of its self-service research platform.

MindMover launched QuMind in 2018. It offers access to quantitative and qualitative digital research tools including insight communities, reporting and text analytics.

MindMover’s team of research consultants offer services including survey design, programming, group moderation and multi-variate analysis.

The company said it is changing its name to QuMind in response to clients taking their research and insights functions in-house since the onset of Covid-19, and combining them with data analytics.

Mark Ursell, chief executive, QuMind, said the company aims to “combine everything in one place so clients can easily access data to adapt to customer insights and focus on growing a successful business”.