NEWS5 February 2016

Millennial shoppers: same but different

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US — Generations Y and Z are closer to each other than to older age groups but show distinct shopping habits, according to a new report. 

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A study by GfK, FutureBuy 2015, interviewed 25,000 shoppers globally, including 1,000 in the US. Results showed that US Baby Boomers (aged 51 to 68 ) have been slow to adopt mobile shopping habits, with only 7% reporting having made a purchase via a smartphone.

Among Generation X ( 35 to 50 ) this figure rose slightly to 15%, but Generation Y ( 25 to 34 ) and Z ( 18 to 24 ) were much more likely to have done so than their older counterparts, with figures coming out at 31% and 34% respectively. 

However, when asked about online shopping via a desktop or laptop computer, while just32% of Generation Z do this, Generation Y and Baby Boomers are more similar, at 40% and 43% respectively.

And reasons for choosing to buy online versus in store also differed among the generations: Generation Z shoppers choosing to buy online were more motivated by saving money ( 60% compared with 46% of Generation Y), while Generation Y said they were more likely to do so as they get better information online ( 35% compared with 22% of Generation Z); have better delivery options ( 26% vs. 19%) and can buy other things at the same time ( 23% vs 17%). 

More findings can be accessed here