NEWS20 April 2016

Microsoft launches digital content rating tool

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US — Microsoft has announced the launch of Video Pulse, a digital content rating tool. 

Video pulse crop

The tool, launched at the 2016 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, allows users to react and provide feedback on digital recorded video, as well as to play back their own and other respondents’ feedback. It is now available in ‘open preview’ to all Microsoft Pulse users. 

According to the announcement, Video Pulse's uses encompass ad testing, creative tests, mobile video broadcasts and political campaigns. It works by tying audience reactions to the timespan of a video. 

“Pulse is pioneering a new way of engaging and reacting to video moment-by-moment," said Dritan Nesho, head of Microsoft Pulse. 

"As we do this we will expand the scale, precision, and depth of reactions from viewers, and the metrics and analytics associated with digital video,”