NEWS4 August 2015

MFour Mobile launches MediaMatch 360°

News North America Technology

US — Mobile market research company MFour Mobile Research has launched its MediaMatch 360° tool integrating media matching technology into media measurement.

The company said the new product validates consumer exposure, tests recall and behaviour with 24/7 real-time view of consumers, on its all-mobile smartphone panel so that clients can see total ad exposures and survey panelists in real-time.

There are three elements: AdMatch™ to validate exposure by region, age, gender, measure ad recall and overall appeal, monitor behaviour shifts and report data in real-time dashboards; VideoMatch™ to measure source and video content exposure, gauge effectiveness against competitors and view immediate dashboard reporting in real-time; and RadioMatch™ to gauge on-air talent with follow-up surveys, validate music exposure by region, age and gender, and measure drive-time media consumption.