NEWS20 July 2011

Metro International widens scope of reader panel


SWEDEN— Newspaper group Metro International has expanded its reader panel into a new broader online community called the Metropolitan Panel.

The firm previously ran the Metro Life Panel, which was made up of readers around the world, but has now widened its scope to target “youthful, active, affluent and connected people” in 14 countries around the world. Metro Group said that along with the repositioning it would be looking to form partnerships with other urban brands and media channels.

There are currently 40,000 members, although Metro Life said it would be looking to add more respondents through other recruitment channels.

Head of consumer insight Eduarda Taveira said: “The launch of the Metropolitan Panel opens up the opportunity for other media to partner with us and build the best global urban panel on the market. Our goal is to become industry experts on the metropolitan mindset for the benefit of our readers and clients. The Metropolitan Panel will help accomplish this.”

The panel includes respondents from Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and the US and is built on Vision Critical software.