NEWS12 January 2022

Meta certifies AudienceProject as official measurement partner

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Europe – AudienceProject has become the first European partner to provide independent audience measurement of Meta campaigns in real time. 

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With the new partnership, European advertisers and agencies will now be able to get independent, cookieless audience measurement of Meta campaigns.

The role as certified measurement partner for Meta allows AudienceProject to provide clients with true third-party audience measurement of campaigns across the Meta family of apps and services, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The measurement of Meta campaigns takes place in AudienceProject’s audience measurement platform AudienceReport, which also allows clients to measure their campaigns across online media, connected TV and ‘walled gardens’ (closed platform) such as YouTube. This means that advertisers and agencies will now be able to get a holistic view of their campaigns’ performance across various different kinds of media.

AudienceProject will provide clients with insights on de-duplicated reach and frequency across a wide range of demographics, going beyond age and gender, allowing advertisers and agencies to validate the performance of campaigns against specific segments of high relevance.

For example, it will be possible for a toy company to see the reach for people with children instead of looking at the reach for women aged 30-50 as a proxy target group, which has been the typical approach used by advertisers and agencies so far.

AudienceProject’s measurement of Meta campaigns is a privacy-safe, ‘double-blinded’ and true third-party measurement powered by Meta’s Panel API. With the automated nature of the integration, advertisers and agencies can see their advertising delivery across all Meta properties in real-time without any need for manual work. This supports advertisers’ push towards always-on measurement and is said to be a first of its kind in Europe, where most reporting on advertising is still centred around individual campaigns.

Due to the detailed level of the integration, it is also possible for advertisers and agencies to measure the effect of their Meta advertising on different brand metrics – both in isolation and compared to other media.

Brian Meritam Larsen, vice-president of partnerships at AudienceProject, commented: “Being certified as an official measurement partner for Meta is a great testament to our capabilities within audience measurement. We are proud to be recognised for our expertise, but more importantly, we are excited to be able to offer clients even better measurement of Meta campaigns, allowing them to get the most value from their advertising spend.”