NEWS30 March 2010

Mediamark probes digital magazine consumption with in-home survey

North America

US— Mediamark Research & Intelligence is embarking on a project that explores how consumers read digital magazine, and whether changes need to be made to its Survey of the American Consumer to reflect new reading habits.

The firm will conduct 1,000 in-home interviews looking at the consumption of digital magazines in a variety of ways – whether online, in PDF format or on a mobile phone, e-reader or tablet device.

Results will help to determine what new interviewing language needs to be added to the Survey of the American Consumer, which provides ratings for consumer magazines. The revamped survey is slated for 2011.

MRI president and CEO Kathi Love (pictured) said: “The magazine industry is poised for what many believe will be a powerful game changer – e-reading in all its forms, including via tablets and mobile apps. MRI intends to take the lead in measuring magazine content across all devices as, and if, consumers’ magazine-reading behaviour changes.