NEWS27 July 2012

MEC Access launches partnership analysis tool for brands

Technology UK

UK — Sports, entertainment and cause marketing business MEC Access has released a proprietary new research and analysis tool called Partnership Intelligence. The online tool aims to provide analysis of consumer interest, media consumption and attitudes towards partnership platforms.

MEC Access says the tool will analyse property attributes, so that a company can run a comprehensive assessment of the potential fit of a property with a brand’s own values. This includes identifying how a platform or property is perceived, determining stregths and weaknesses and comparing brand attributes to the property’s. During an event, brands can also assess media consumption habits and topical categories of discussion.

Jeremy Clark, managing director for MEC Access across EMEA, said: “Given the growing importance and increasing investment in partnerships around the world, the need for robust analysis to aid decision-making is paramount. Partnership Intelligence genuinely delivers strategic leadership to brands that want to get under the bonnet of their partnerships and drive value throughout their communications strategies. The information we can gather from it, for example showing potential sponsors which properties are most likely to drive maximum sales for their brands, is groundbreaking and positions MEC Access as a truly valued business partner for its clients.”

Sample study: London 2012’s partnership potential

Partnership Intelligence found:

  • Globally, the Olympics is the sporting property that engages more people than any other – 53% “like” or “love” it versus 36% for Formula 1
  • The level of interest of the London 2012 Olympics differs per market, with high interest in Italy ( 66% love/like), compared to a much lower level of interest in Singapore ( 39%)
  • Comparing the London 2012 Olympics with the Rugby World Cup: the Olympics is perceived to be more friendly, healthy and idealistic, whereas the Rugby World Cup is perceived to be more assertive and brave
  • 62% of respondents globally that “like” or “love” the Olympics are interested in travel, 51% in fashion and 51% in technology/electronics
  • In China 53% of respondents plan to watch the Olympics live online. Another 38% will view online video highlights and 31% will view clips via a mobile device
  • In the UK, only 13% of respondents plan to watch live online. 11% will watch online videos highlights and only 3% plan to watch clips and videos on a mobile