NEWS12 April 2016

Measurement masters set up consultancy

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UK — A group of research and communications specialists have set up The Measurement Practice (TMP), a consultancy to help in-house teams and agencies make the most of their research. 

Pat Molloy crop

According to the announcement, TMP is designed to ‘help businesses, organisations and agencies bridge the gap between the promise and delivery of communications measurement'.

It is a ‘virtual consultancy', combining a team of five associates who have extensive experience in evaluation and communications research, data integration, media analysis and insight, communications and strategy and analytics, data mining and technology. 

TMP offers three core services: programme auditing and alignment, training and workshops and supplier identification. 

The associates are: Mike Daniels, co-founder of Report International; Colin Wheeler, former insights and analytics team lead at WE Communications; Liam Kelly, Cision’s insight function lead in Europe and Asia; Pat Molloy, fomerly of NOP and TNS (pictured); and Guy Corbet, former group marketing director at Fishburn Hedges and managing director of Seventy Seven PR.

“Communicating with, and influencing audiences and stakeholders has changed enormously in recent years," said Daniels, principal of TMP. "Yet all too often we see measurement programmes using 20th century methodologies to assess 21st century communications.  It’s time evaluation caught up with modern business.

“Our unique, all-round combination of skills means we can provide clients with a measurement re-boot that will ensure they benefit from practical, actionable insight from their research programmes.”