NEWS3 July 2012

McCallum Layton to run employee surveys for House of Commons

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UK— McCallum Layton has been appointed to handle all employee satisfaction surveys for the Parliamentary House of Commons Service in a new three-year deal.

The Yorkshire-based firm won the account following a public tendering process, replacing SPA Future Thinking.

Under the deal, the programme will survey all staff about their views on working for the service. Responses will then be analysed and sent to line managers who will act on the results.

The House of Commons Service employs around 1,700 people who work for MPs.

Last month SPA Future Thinking unveiled the findings of the House of Commons Survey of Services 2012, reportedly at a cost of between £21,710 and £27,790. It found that a third of MPs were unhappy with the cleanliness of toilets inside the House of Commons among other key findings.


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12 years ago

Is it just me or does the research to be carried out by McCallum Layton sound like it has a different purpose to the one conducted by SPA Future Thinking? SPA Future Thinking surveyed MPs and their staff whereas it sounds like McCallum Layton will be seeking the feedback of staff who work for the House of Commons Service i.e. cleaners and people who work in the cafes and restaurants on the estate etc.

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