NEWS17 October 2016

McCallum Layton launches product optimisation solution

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UK — Full service market research agency McCallum Layton has launched Opti/Net, a product and service optimisation solution.

Matt counsell crop

Opti/Net identifies a network of key performance indicators or attributes, and measures the interactive and indirect effects each has on one another and how they affect overall delivery or customer opinion. 

The new solution takes into account five stages: inception (engaging stakeholders to identify key attributes); validation (development interviews to determine and verify key service or product attributes); measurement (setting questions and scales and gathering data); modelling (using statistical techniques to group attributes and determine their relative influence on an overall measure); insight (showing where efforts and resources are best focused to maximise ROI).

Opti/Net will be led by partner Matt Counsell (pictured). It has been trialled with one of the company’s existing clients, a retail bank, where it was used to evaluate customer experiences when opening a current account in branch.

"Unlike many similar techniques Opti/Net does not suffer from multicollinearity so the output is more powerful," said Counsell. "It provided our client with clear distinctions of what needed to be done to optimise customer satisfaction with the account opening process.”