NEWS12 February 2019

Maru/Blue launches Hispanic omnibus

News North America

CANADA – Data services company, Maru/Blue, has established an Hispanic omnibus consisting of 300 nationally representative members of the Spanish-speaking community.

Maru/Blue acquired the Hispanic research panel, Tú Cuentas, in June 2018. Its proprietary online research platform targets Hispanic communities and gathers insights from both open community discussions and private market research online communities.

Maru/Blue managing director, Rob Berger, said: “This exciting new service allows companies to instantly tap into a truly representative sample of both unacculturated and acculturated US Hispanics.”

Maru Group CEO Ged Parton added: “We have recently launched the Ailments & Cannabis community, and now a Hispanic & UK Omnibus, in addition to our recent Maru Voice UK market research panel launch. We have a great deal of exciting innovation at Maru/Blue these days, and that will continue throughout 2019.”