NEWS16 September 2016

MARU/ VCR&C unveils qualitative insights research group

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US — MARU/VCR&C has unveiled the Qualitative Insights Center of Excellence, designed to leverage a range of online technologies in order to develop deeper insight into consumer behaviour. 

Features of the initiative include: using tools such as mobile missions, diaries, projective techniques and semiotics to elicit more engaging and thoughtful responses; leveraging community engagement; and offering speed of insight through the use of communities. 

The team is led by senior vice president Tommy Stinson (pictured). 

“The way we as individuals communicate today is fundamentally different than it was just a few years ago, thanks to online tools, social media, and the ubiquitous smart phone, said Stinson. "We want to leverage the interactivity of these evolving technologies to create an even more productive dialogue with our communities.

“With this new programme, we’re providing a higher level of immersion and insight than what has previously been offered by the research community, taking emergent technologies and applying them to the qualitative process.

“We think this will be a powerful tool aiding the decision-making process from product conception through go-to-market."