NEWS4 March 2020

Maru Group updates IAT tool

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CANADA – Global tech-based market research and customer insights company, Maru, has launched the next phase of its Implicit Association Testing (IAT) tool.


The update is designed to eliminate bias and improve the quality of data and results as well as using a drag and drop interface.

Todd Trautz (pictured), chief innovation and solutions officer at Maru/Matchbox, said: “Given the prevalence of drag-and-drop type experiences across gaming, mobile and tablet platforms, we’ve created a similar user experience. As stimuli appears, respondents must drag stimuli into one of the answer boxes. It creates a standardised test environment, regardless of device or screen size.

“This, in turn, improves the accuracy of the data as there is no respondent or device advantage to compensate for, as with traditional IAT tests.”

The updated IAT tool is now available to all Maru clients. It has also updated its suite of packaged solutions – available via Maru/HUB – to utilise this latest System 1 technology update.