NEWS19 October 2015

Marketing Sciences launches online activity tool

News UK

UK — Creston-owned Marketing Sciences Unlimited and ICM Unlimited have launched Reflected Life, a panel providing continuous data on the UK’s digital footprint.

The tool uses passive metering technology installed on devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones to collect data on the panel members’ online activity. The company said it will help brands to pinpoint when and how consumers are engaging digitally. 

The tool records everything from search terms used to websites visited, while also monitoring social media activity, apps and the use of different features on the device in question.

Ian Ralph, director of Marketing Sciences Unlimited, said: “The use of passive metering – which runs unobtrusively in the background of devices – means that we can uncover actual behaviour rather than claimed behaviour. This removes a major stumbling block for brands that might rely purely on surveys to get an idea of online activity – customers often cannot accurately recount what they’ve done or how they came to buy a product online. Reflected Life means they won’t have to.”