NEWS26 March 2021

Market research can help understand multiple perspectives

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UK – The idea there is a single “rational” perspective no longer has the same credibility it once did, and market research can lead the transformation to a “multiverse” world, according to a report by the Market Research Society’s (MRS’s) Delphi Group.


Managing the multiverse says that the process of identifying, describing and quantifying the range of perspectives on numerous topics shows that fewer people believe that there is a single approach to perceiving society.

The report, which largely bases its findings on the viewpoints of Delphi members, concludes that the research industry should lead the transformation in how business, government and society understand the multitude of perspectives that are held.

Specifically, the research industry is “is setting the scene for the transformation of how we navigate, negotiate and coalesce the way we live together, forging respect for diversity and difference rather than seeking to insist on a single ‘truth’ about the world,” according to the report.

The report added: “This is the huge transformation of our age for which the industry is at the helm: providing the framework, the operations and principles for the nurturing and flourishing of our multiverse world.”

In her introduction to the report, Jane Frost, chief executive of the MRS, said: “Just tapping into the multiverse doesn’t create understanding, and certainly not empathy.

“For empathy you need to understand the framework of a person’s experience, not just their message. And then you need to be able to respond appropriately. To add to the complexity, these frameworks aren’t static; our circumstances and values can change over time.”

You can download the free report ‘Managing the Multiverse: Understanding a World in Transformation’ here.