NEWS17 August 2016

Market Intelligence company Nowigence launches

News North America

US — Market intelligence company Nowigence, which delivers market insights by relaying personalised and tailored information sorted from licensed and published news and social media items, has launched. 

Anoop bhatia crop

News and information, drawn from 50,000 global sources, is classified by key topics, including product supply and demand, competition, customer sentiment, capacity and investment and pricing.

The company has been launched by Anoop Bhatia (pictured), formerly of Momentive and GE. 

Nowigence focuses on keeping clients in the ‘know’ of their exact marketspace,” said Bhatia, president & CEO of Nowigence

Nowigence is designed to quickly tailor to the unique needs and markets of our clients and will evolve with them as their business grows and changes.”

“We are the solution for what keeps CEOs up at night,” added Michael McCreary, chief technology officer of Nowigence.

“Our proprietary technology and processes deliver only the most relevant and useful data to our clients. Knowledge is confidence, and the result is a uniquely powerful and flexible product ready to meet the full depth and breadth of all our clients’ secondary market research challenges.”