NEWS8 July 2011

Maritz adopts RelevantID digital fingerprinting tech

Features North America

US— Maritz Research has added Imperium’s RelevantID digital fingerprinting technology to its suite of data quality tools.

The RelevantID technology gathers data points from respondents’ web browsers, which are then put through proprietary algorithms to create a unique digital fingerprint for each machine. This fingerprint can then be used to make sure the same machine is not used to take the same survey more than once, or too many surveys in a short space of time.

Gloria Park Bartolone, SVP of fieldwork services at Maritz, said: “As a leader in our industry, Maritz Research is always looking to adapt and improve our customer experience research solutions to meet the demands of our clients and their customers. Adding RelevantID to our already robust suite of quality control measures allows us to do just that.”