NEWS5 November 2009

Maktoob Research opens Arab Eye community

Middle East and Africa Trends

UAE— Maktoob Research has launched an online community called Arab Eye which rewards members for taking part in surveys.

The community is available in both English and Arabic and members are encouraged to update their profile so they are matched with relevant surveys. They also have the option to post their own polls for other users to vote on.

Marouane Sanhaji, Maktoob’s panel manager, said: “One of the fundamental factors that differentiate credible and successful research firms from the rest of the pack is the amount of attention they give to the actual people who spend their valuable time answering online surveys. By introducing Arab Eye, we seek to provide our members with an exciting and rewarding community environment while offering them a dynamic platform to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions.”

Arab Eye currently has just over 58,000 members.