NEWS19 October 2021

Majority feel brands do not listen to customer feedback

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CANADA – The majority of consumers believe brands are not listening to their feedback in the context of customer service, according to research from customer experience business Alida.  

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The survey of 5,300 respondents across Australia, Canada, India, the UK and US, found that 92% agreed that customer experience is an important factor in their purchase decisions.

Three-quarters ( 75%) of those surveyed report that brands are not listening to their feedback, while 83% of respondents claimed that they would be willing to spend more in return for a better customer service experience.

A ‘bad personal experience’ with a brand was cited as the biggest influence ( 79%) in making a purchase – above poor brand reputation ( 65%).

Additionally, four in five respondents claimed that they are ‘highly motivated’ to purchase elsewhere after a bad customer experience.

When asked how customer experience in general had changed over the past year, a global average of 52% of those surveyed said that it did not improve or had worsened. 

Nicole Kealey, chief strategy officer, Alida, said: “The past year has seen a fundamental shift in how consumers interact with brands, forcing companies to change the way they engage with and stay close to their customers. Being reactive is no longer a viable business strategy.”

Alida conducted the study in July 2021 using its Total Experience Management platform. One thousand respondents were targeted from each of the five countries studied, with quotas set for responses to match the gender, age, and income demographics of each country.