NEWS26 May 2016

Majority of marketers want UK to remain in EU

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UK – Almost eight in ten ( 77%) senior marketers said they are in favour of the UK remaining in the EU in the upcoming EU referendum. 

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The survey, of The Marketing Society members conducted in partnership with marketing tech company RadiumOne, found that 15% wanted the UK to leave the EU and 8% were sill undecided.

Short-term business confidence was cited most often ( 94%) as having the biggest positive impact of staying in is on short-term business confidence, followed by travelling in/around the EU ( 88%) and political stability ( 79%).

Almost seven in ten ( 69%) reported it having a positive impact on their company’s growth.

The only issue that raised significant negative sentiment was immigration where negative sentiment was 46% compared with positive at 32%.

Hugh Burkitt, CEO of The Marketing Society, said: “We do not have an official viewpoint as we are not a lobbying organisation, but Brexit would unquestionably lead to a period of considerable business uncertainty which is never good for the plans for expansion and innovation on which marketers thrive – as evidenced by the results of our member survey. We’ll all be waiting with baited breath on the 24 June to see what the future holds.”

In total, 142 senior markets responded to the survey.